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Here is a collection of resources
including original scans,
helpful links
and interesting articles.


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3d Images


Weird globe made with GIMP - (Large File - 1.6mb)


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  • 21 Basic (but handy) HTML Codes
  • Animation Playhouse
  • Avatar Creator
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Media
  • CleanPNG
  • Free Image Resources
  • GIMP Photo Editor
  • Glitter Text Generator
  • Google Fonts
  • HTML.am
  • HTML Cleaner
  • HTML Colour Code Tool
  • Meomi Desktops
  • Peppiclip.de
  • Pixel Text Generator
  • SLL Check
  • Spam Stop
  • Sprite Archive
  • Tips for Crediting Images
  • Tips for Healing the Planet
  • VirusTotal
  • W3schools

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    Want to know more about HTML?
    More tutorials are coming soon!


    Doctype is a semantic used in HTML that tells browsers
    that your website is coded and to a valid HTML standard
    as opposed to older websites, who without it,
    are coded as 'quirky' pages.
    Paste at the very beginning of your document,
    above 'html' and 'body'.

    "HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers", Yaakov Chaikin